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We hope everyone is doing well during the current situation.

Our online store is currently up offering various amazing pieces of traditional Polish pottery from Boleslawiec. 



  • Fram Home & Gifts
    Discover the beauty of Traditional Polish Pottery (Boleslawiec) in Framlingham. Exiting News!!! We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our new shop ,, Polish Pottery Treasure,, right here in Framlingham. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the rich and colorful world of traditional Polish pottery. Immerse Yourself in Elegance: Step into our charming ... date: 03 October 2023 read: 396 times more 
  • Christmas pottery
    For the last few years, we could have really appreciated being able to gather around the table to celebrate with our loved ones. In many parts of the world, Christmas is the season of joy and happiness. Therefore, family dinners, as well as other get-togethers, are an absolute must during the holidays. Add a true sense of occasion to your holiday displays with our range of hand-decorated ... date: 05 November 2021 read: 1006 times more 
  • Traditional English Dishes and How to Serve Them
    Each country has its own cuisine, a particular style of cooking food as well as the tableware the dishes go with. The United Kingdom has a rich culinary tradition. The modern practices were shaped by Britain's colonial history and the influences of its post-colonial territories, including South Asian cuisine. These days the traditional British foods include such delights as Shepherd’s ... date: 30 August 2021 read: 850 times more 
  • Safe and ecological packaging our products
    In order to help the earth recover and prevent further damage, here at Traditional Pottery we are striving to achieve carbon neutrality. We also aim to reduce water waste as well as the overall impact on the environment. Out with the old and in with the new - instead of plastic foil, we use recycled paper, instead of bubble wrap, we ship our goods in eco-friendly packing peanuts. Learn more ... date: 30 July 2021 read: 822 times more 
  • History of Bolesławiec pottery
    Read all about a historic town founded in the 13th century and located in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in Poland. Best-known for the long-established tradition of pottery-making, Boleslawiec with its long ceramic history has become one of the go-to places to visit on a pottery treasure hunt. Often described as “Polish stoneware”, the Boleslawiec pottery to this day is considered ... date: 30 June 2021 read: 880 times more 
  • Father’s Day
    Are you looking for the perfect gift for your dad? What about a mug or a cup for his coffee and tea? Be sure to check hand-made polish pottery from Bolesławiec. The unique patterns are known to customers from all over the world. Hand-painted design and traditional folk style are what makes Bolesławiec ceramics unique. Father’s Day gift ideas Did your dad break yet another mug, ... date: 10 May 2021 read: 856 times more 
  • Polish pottery - what you need to know?
    Throughout the years Poland has become one of the go-to destinations for pottery shopping. People from all over the world travel to Bolesławiec to go on shopping trips. Thankfully, today you can also buy one of a kind amazing pieces online. We have gathered all important information about polish pottery to help you start your own collection. The excellent quality of hand-made, polish ... date: 10 May 2021 read: 1100 times more 
  • Polish pottery for Easter
    Are you hosting a family dinner or a typical, traditional Easter breakfast and looking for tableware appropriate for such a formal occasion? Look no further! We offer a wide variety of traditional handmade pottery from Poland which is perfect for important events.   Handcrafted and hand-decorated pottery Apart from the dishes themselves, it is also important to focus on the ... date: 01 April 2021 read: 942 times more 
  • Covid-19 Update!
    We hope everyone is staying safe. We are glad to inform you that the online store is now active and selling beutiful hand made traditional Polish pottery from Boleslawiec.   date: 08 April 2020 read: 1932 times more 

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Traditional Pottery - Kajtek Ltd. We are a family company passionate about Polish pottery and would like to share this love with you by promoting beautiful, hand-made stoneware from Boleslawiec. We are offering a big selection of Polish pottery, hand-decorated ceramics.
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