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Are you hosting a family dinner or a typical, traditional Easter breakfast and looking for tableware appropriate for such a formal occasion? Look no further! We offer a wide variety of traditional handmade pottery from Poland which is perfect for important events.

Handcrafted and hand-decorated pottery

Apart from the dishes themselves, it is also important to focus on the serving part of the celebration. To make the best first impression, think about the tableware. After all, your dishes will be at the centre of attention during the feast. Beautiful mugs, bowls as well as egg cups and plates, and other typical serving dishes should match the occasion. Traditional handmade pottery from Poland, Boleslawiec, is the perfect example of elegant tableware ideal for any special occasion, for instance, Easter. We have put together an overview of the key elements of Polish pottery for Easter which have to end up on your dining table!

Egg Cups - the perfect addition to your tableware

They make an outstanding appearance on the dining table on Resurrection Sunday, when served with traditional Easter dishes. Intricate and brilliantly-coloured eggs put in handmade and hand-painted egg cups are an indispensable part of Easter tableware. An egg is a symbol of new life and rebirth, and with respect to Pascha, it also symbolises the empty tomb. They have been present during Easter celebrations for centuries. Hand-decorated cups from Boleslawiec have a unique folk vibe. Painted with attention to detail on each piece by talented artisans, the beautiful patterns and shapes bear a striking resemblance to traditional polish pottery. Such cups add depth and style to every meal and can also serve as an interesting table decoration. They make an amazing gift to anyone who appreciates folk design as well.

Serve your festive foods on stylish Egg Plates

After a successful egg hunt comes the time for the long-awaited feast. It would not be an official celebration without eggs. Served on aesthetically decorated plates they make a perfect addition to the traditional Easter breakfast. Not only are they very decorative and aesthetic, but also extremely useful. Vintage-looking, hand-painted plates are used to display eggs in different forms – whole, halves or devilled eggs, you name it! Such plates have been equipped with a convenient handle, which enables you to move them without the risk of ruining your dish or getting food on your hands.

Serving Dishes - turn your meals into fine dining

Let your delicious feast be accompanied by beautiful serving tableware. Serving dishes from Boleslawiec are one-of-a-kind pieces hand-painted by artisans. Beautiful designs served with delicious Easter food will make an unforgettable experience for friends and family. An oval platter with a mix of traditional salads, a nibble with the most exquisite meal, or a divided serving dish for sauces and dressings are only some of the pieces which will take your festive party to another level.

Soup Tureens and Gravy boats

A traditional Easter feast cannot take place without some kind of soup. The soup itself can vary from custom to custom, but what stays the same is the serving part. The soup tureen is perfect for such an important occasion. It is very decorative and will make a valuable addition to your dinner table. Thanks to a convenient lid, soup tureens will also keep the soup hot, just in case any of your guests wants a refill. Another useful addition to your tableware is a gravy boat. A beautifully decorated, versatile dinnerware is excellent for sauces and gravy.

Carefully selected coffee or tea set for your Easter guests

Is there anything better than a perfect cup of tea or coffee after an amazing feast? Serving a hot drink in a hand-painted mug or a cup will make a perfect ending to a long day spent on celebrations with family and friends. There is a lot to choose from – large mugs, for those who like a bit more caffeine, and small cups, for the ones who enjoy some tea. Teapots will also make a worthy addition to your collection, especially if you are a tea-lover.








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