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Each country has its own cuisine, a particular style of cooking food as well as the tableware the dishes go with. The United Kingdom has a rich culinary tradition. The modern practices were shaped by Britain's colonial history and the influences of its post-colonial territories, including South Asian cuisine. These days the traditional British foods include such delights as Shepherd’s Pie, Beef Wellington, Fish and Chips, Afternoon Tea and the (in)famous Full Breakfast. We will help you choose the best pottery piece for each dish, so you won’t have any problems when preparing a feast for your friends and family.

Shepherd’s Pie – an easy classic

The classic British meal originated in Scotland. It’s primarily made with minced lamb cooked in a gravy or sauce with onions and a topping of mashed potatoes. There’s a popular interpretation that is made using beef, but it’s referred to as Cottage Pie. This dish isn’t often served in restaurants and is most commonly made and eaten at home. Sometimes other ingredients are added to the Shepherd’s Pie, such as peas, sweetcorn, carrots or celery.

The traditional pottery from Poland also includes oven dishes with the so-called groove bottom, which can be used in traditional ovens at temperatures of up to 280 degrees Celsius (530 Fahrenheit). They are perfect for the Shepherd’s or Cottage Pie, which are baked in a casserole dish.

Beef Wellington - fine cooking at home

A traditional steak dish of English origin is a favourite of many. Beef tenderloin wrapped in puff pastry can be made using many different methods. Some include wrapping the coated meat in either Parma ham or pâté de foie gras, to retain the moisture. Usually, it is wrapped and baked and then sliced for serving.

How to serve Beef Wellington? It looks like a very elegant, restaurant-quality meal when presented on a serving dish or a platter. Once the beef is sliced you can use some of our beautiful plates. Polish pottery is richly decorated, so the food will look even more appetising.

Fish and Chips – more than a takeaway

It’s a popular hot dish which consists of fried fish in crispy batter and chips (French fries). Often considered as Britain’s national dish, fish and chips is commonly found in many restaurants as well as prepared at home. The choice of fish is very wide, from the most popular cod and haddock to pollock, hake or coley.

Even though fish and chips can be served even in paper wrappings, you can add a decorative plate which will transform a simple dish into a fancy meal. The traditional Polish pottery looks stunning on every table. You can choose either a classic, round plate or a square one.

Throw yourself an afternoon tea party

Afternoon tea or sometimes called English Tea Time is a light meal typically between 3:30 pm and 5 pm. What could possibly be better than finger sandwiches, scones, and cake served with the most exquisite English tea? Nowadays, formal afternoon tea is often served with bread, butter, and jam, or toast and muffins.

What pottery pieces go along with an afternoon tea? You can choose essentially any type of serving dish. Go for a simple plate (an oval plate is something worth looking into!) and a ceramic teapot from our traditional Polish pottery collection. Don’t forget to add mugs and cups and a sugar bowl (also available in our store).

English full breakfast – stress-free meal present in every English home

Also known as the “fry-up”, a full breakfast is a classic meal served in many parts of the world. Made up of eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, tomatoes and toast, a full breakfast is among the most internationally recognised British dishes. It sometimes also includes black pudding and oatcakes and is usually served with a beverage such as coffee or tea.

How do you serve the traditional English full breakfast? Well, the possibilities are endless, but a simple, but beautifully decorated plate is all you need. Add a handy mug or a stylish cup, and a teapot, and voila – you just got yourself the perfect set of traditional Polish pottery for your full breakfast.








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